National Provider Team

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Minimizing the Use of Temporary Staffing

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Health systems found themselves short of labor and needed to rapidly identify individuals who were committed to compliance and quality, properly credentialed, and evaluated so that it is apparent that their goals and values match that of the organization.

In response, we launched a world-class team of traveling physicians to deliver quality care across the country in our newly implemented and established programs.

Growing National Provider Team

Minimizing the use of temporary staffing and instead utilizing an at-the-ready, knowledgeable clinical team boosts efficiency and positive patient outcomes. Our team of 24 National Providers are made up of the following specialties:



  • Internal Medicine
  • Internal Medicine Pediatrics
  • Family Medicine

Inpatient Psychiatry

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Adult Psychiatry
  • Geriatric Psychiatry


  • Critical Care
  • Pulmonary Critical Care

COVID Lessons: Staffing for Surges and the Burnout Blind Spot 

How to Staff for a Surge While Focusing on Quality Care

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Program Map

Programs Nationwide

Know a dedicated clinical professional with strong diagnostic skills that can quickly adapt to varying program sizes?

With facilities across the country, we will work with them to build a career that provides flexibility and opportunity.